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Computers are complicated machines - whether you're a beginner or an expert, inexplicable problems can happen all of the time.

Temporal Phase™ Design & Consulting Services strives to create a solution - and to help you understand as much as you wish to.
Temporal Phase™ was founded in 2000 by Jordan Harband. He has years of practical experience with many aspects of computers, and is currently majoring in Computer Science at the College of San Mateo.
Our consultants are proficient with Macintosh and Windows. We can repair your operating systems, reinstall software, or simply teach you to better utilize the software you already have.

Need to learn more about Microsoft Word? Perhaps you want to use Photoshop to touch up old photographs. Need to set up your new computer, or new wireless network? Whatever you want to learn, we can help.
Areas of study include PHP, Perl, Java, C++, MIPS Assembly, Visual Basic, ASP, SQL, JavaScript, HTML/XHTML, XML, CSS, TCP/IP Networking, and Server Administration.
Our rates are reasonable and flexible - typically $50 / hour. While we do charge by the hour, telephone consultations under an hour are always free.

We offer both telephone and on-site consultation. Telephone consultations are $35/hour after the first hour (per issue).

We can provide on-site consultation at any location - however, any travel outside of San Mateo County would require travel expenses.

Coming Soon!

This is a new feature on the site, and no testimonials have been written yet. As they are collected, they will be put online.
Email is the best way to contact us.
Alternatively, you can use AOL Instant Messenger. We may be away from the computer, but leave a message and we will respond.
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